The Third Age has ended as has the War of the Ring. With Mordor's defeat and the fall of Sauron, most of the enemies have scattered while others have thrown down arms and pledged allegiance to Aragorn (Elessar), King of Gondor. A large contingent of Gondor soldiers pursued several Black Numenorean Captains to the Umbar – fleeing with remaining Corsairs and other bent & broken creatures. Many of the surviving Easterlings from Rhun have also surrendered and pledged an oath to Gondor. Peace has been rightfully restored in the year following the destruction of the ring of power.

However, murmurs have been growing of a rebellious force rising from Rhun in the East led under a mysterious banner. Elessar has called a summit in the war room of Minas Tirith to discuss the seriousness of this threat.

Emissaries East